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Written & Submitted by Jesse Smith

On Friday 16OCT98 2230 hrs CST(Central Standard Time) Left Burnett Stadium in Raymondville Tx after football game (Raymondville Bearkats 40- Port Isabel Tarpons 12 GO KATS!!!!! Aside from teaching Geometry I also run the clock for the Football Games) Sorry for digressing from the report but this is good for the moral of Raymondville

Saturday 17OCT98 0005 hrs CST arrive in Kingsville Tx I proceeded to check the toy section of the Kingsville 24 hr Walmart Supercenter for STAR WARS toys to add to my collection. A local Collage Student was trying to buy Beer ,but there is a Beer curfew of Midnight in Texas. His pitiful cries and cursing could be heard all over the store. No new Star Wars Stuff

Saturday 17OCT98 0100 hrs CST arrive in Calallen section of Corpus Christi Tx There is a large 24 hr Walmart Supercenter located there Noting New in their toysection. There is however a gas station (RaceTrack) next to the Walmart where Super Premium Gas cost the same as Regular gas.I bagan to run into a little rain between here and the next stop

Saturday 17OCT98 0200 hrs CST arrive in Refugio Tx no Walmart just a munchie break at Circle K convienance store. Local police also on munchie break

Saturday 17OCT98 0315 hrs CST arrive in Victoria Tx Stop at 24 hrs Super K-mart( no new Star Wars Stuff) and at the 24 hr Walmart Supercenter (Galoob Jabba Sail Barge) drive on to Houston

Saturday 17OCT98 0430 hrs CST some where between Victoria and Sugarland TX almost hit a truck , seeing as Ford Mustangs don't come equiped with deflector shields I pull over for a quick nap

Saturday 17OCT98 0530 hrs CST Sugarland Tx stop for breakfast

Saturday 17OCT98 630 hrs CST arrive in Houston

Saturday 17OCT98 715 hrs arrive in Woodlands Tx Inspect local Walmart nothing new Call friend Robert Saldania go to his house clean up and leave out for Dallas Rob is driving in his car

Saturday 17OCT98 1030 hrs arrive in Conroe Tx stop at Walmart Galoob tie defender and e-wing fighter Rain is heavier ,but not that heavy it is a constant rain

Saturday 17OCT98 1400 hrs arrive at convention center in Plano Lots of Starwars dealers asking too much for stuff they got at Walmart and are trying to sell for double the price they paid for in.

I meet Mr Colley and get autographs he appears very tired. I didn't have anything to Identify myself as a member of the Cult so I didn't bother him with a bunch of questions (I think I accidently insulted the Incredable Hulk his agent tried to get me to buy his signature, but I told here I was only interested in the Admiral's it was at that point I noticed him sitting there).

Admiral Ozzel and the Red headed dancer from the Special edition Jabba's palace scene were there as well.

Rob and I left the convcention after looking around the showroom for about 30-45 minutes. I tried to see if anyone from the Cult were there but without any Identifying insignia this was impossible.

We then drove back to Woodlands TX extremely heavy rain visibility sometimes limited to the front of the car.

Rain continued throughout the night When I tried to leave Woodlands I was delayed by a tornado alert.

It Rained the entire trip home.

Luckily I went through Houston had I gone through San Antonio to Dallas I would not have made it. This storm was ,according to one radio station, the worst flood to ever hit San Antonio some places recieved ove 20 inches of rain in a few hours Bexar(Bear) county was declared a disaster area Saturday and the city said they would probable be declared a disaster area today. Seguine ,a small community SE of San Antonio , lost their watewr treatment facility due to flooding an the town is currently out of water. The San Antonio Radio Stations were teling people to stay at home. There were over 150 streets closed in Santonio as well at Interstate Hwy 10 between San Antonio and Houston At last count 6 people were killed by this storm ,one near Houston when a tornado hit his house most of the rest were victims of flashflooding when they tried to cross lowwater crossings in San Antonio. This storm might have caused as much damage as a hurricane, but with a hurrican you get some warning. I didn't find out how bad it was until I was through the bad stuff and on the way home.

The system was pushing East and was hitting Houston about the time I reached the southern edge of the main part of the system.

I know that one cult member Gabe Lubben was in San Antonio during this storm he was making a galliant effort to attend the Convention ,but got caught in this mess Local weathermen forcast maybe 3 to 6 inches of rain HAH !

respectfully submitted
Moff Jesse Smith (ISD Wombat)

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