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22/11/00 - CON MAN

Andrea Swinsco was kind enough to send in the following press release

Empire Day 2000
The Falcon Society's UK Star Wars Convention
Sunday 26th November


GUESTS OF HONOUR (latest update)
Brian Johnson ­ Special Visual Effects (The Empire Strikes Back: for which he won an Oscar)
Gary Kurtz ­ Producer (Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back),
Vice president of Lucasfilm (1976 ­ 1980)
Ken Colley ­ Admiral Piett (The Empire Strikes Back)
Christine Hewett ­ Tonnika Twin (Star Wars: A New Hope)
Making her first ever convention appearance
Alan Harris ­ Bossk, Bespin Guard (The Empire Strikes Back)
John Hollis ­ Lobot (The Empire Strikes Back)
Mike Edmonds ­ Logray the Medicine Man, Jabba puppeteer (Return of the Jedi)
Richard Le Parmentier ­ Admiral Motti (A New Hope)
Garrick Hagon ­ Biggs Darklighter (A New Hope)
Other guests to be announced.

Questions and Answers session the guests.
Autograph Sessions.
Large display of original props and costumes (genuine screen used Star Wars pieces).
Life size Millennium Falcon cockpit on display.
Dedicated Star Wars dealers Room.
Auction of classic toys and other rare collectables.
Modelling and Diorama Competition (2 age groups: Under 14 and 15 or over).
Art Competition (2 age groups: Under 14 and 15 or over).
Fancy Dress Competition (2 age groups: Under 14 and 15 or over).
Video Room, Video Games Room, Displays, Games, and much more!

The event is being held at: Wolsey Hall, Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, Herts, England
Just off junction 25 of the M25 (A10). Follow the signs for Cheshunt. 3 minutes walk from the Cheshunt BR station (trains every 30 mins from Liverpool Street Station, Central London).

Information Line: 01908 671138 (area code if dialling from outside UK: +441908)

Ticket cost: £8 adults, £6 children (under 14)
Tickets will be available on the door, no need to pre-register or pay in advance.
Doors open 11am until 6pm. Main events start at midday.
Entries for the art and modelling competition: Just bring your entries along on the day and hand them in at the admissions desk in the morning.

There you have it. If you can get along, LMK and be sure to write up a report of it!

11/10/00 - CON MAN

This just in from Eva Karl-Rückert:

Jedicon UK Part 2
Star Wars Convention

Sunday 19th November 2000
11am to 5pm

Basildon Sports centre

Guests include Ken "Piett" Colley (duh), Phil "Uncle Owen" Brown, Dave "Darth Vader" Prowse, Kenny "R2-D2" Baker, plus lots of others.


* By Road:

Leave the M25 motorway at junction 30. Follow the A13 away from London. Take the first Basildon turn off, which is about 10 minutes drive. Take the slip road to the top where you will come to a roundabout with a pub on your left hand side called the 5 bells. Take the first exit off the roundabout. Go up to the top of the hill where you come to another roundabout. Take the 3rd ex it off this roundabout which is straight into the sports centre.

* By Rail:

Trains go directly to Basildon rail station from London Fenchurch Street station, for times and further information please call national rail enquiries on: 0345 484 950

Book in advance and get in 30 minutes early

Adults: £15
Children: 5 to 15 years old - £5

Make cheques or Postal Orders payable to:

T Greenway

Send them to:

Collectors World ( NJ )
Nelson House.
341 Lea Bridge Road.
E10 7LA.

Further information:
Web Site: www.scifishows.com
Email: info@scifishows.com
Telephone: 020 8523 1074
Post: Address as above

Phew! With that mamny details, there's no excuse about being uniformed!! As always, if you're able to attend, let me I know.

12/08/00 - CON MAN

This just in from Mark Beales:

We've got Kenneth Colley coming to our sci-fi convention on September 9 in Clacton, Essex, England.
 There's also going to be Dave Prowse, Michael Shead, Bruce Boa, Benedict Taylor and lots more guests from Star Wars.
If anyone wants more details our site is at www.come.to/clacton_scifi_convention

So there you have it. Pop over to their site for more info, and if you're going, drop me a line so I know and so the rest of the Cult can be jealous!

21/05/00 - "CAPTAIN" PIETT?!?!?!?

It's long been a thorn in the side of Piett fandom, but we FINALLY have word of the long-awaited *ADMIRAL* Piett card for Decipher's Star Wars CCG. Cult member Kevin J. Coleman reports that . He will be a rare "fixed" card in the Death Star II starter decks coming out by decipher in July.

UPDATE 27/06/00 - It seems that the Admiral Piett card in this expansion won't be the only card that shows the Admiral's influence. According to Julius Sykes, there will be a new Decipher CCG card, named Captain Sarkli, who is Admiral Piett's nephew.

Another Piett-related characters Sykes reports, is Admiral Chiraneau, a fighter pilot promoted at the Admiral's behest, who serves as the Piett's personal advisor. This is a good sign of respect from Decipher - they obviously now recognise just how important the Admiral is, so he gets an admiral as his ADC! Obviously an attempt to appease the masses who rose up to complain about the lack of Piett-related cards... :)


After an all too long absence, Piett.Org is back and better than ever. The site has been slimmed down graphics-wise to allow faster loading of pages (and reduce the strain on our server!), new departments have been added (like COPSED), and the site has undergone basically one big revamp. Thanks go out to the newly appointed Supreme Moff (as always) for the webspace, Joffe for consulting on design, and Ryan Mannion for some of the initial design work for the Cult area.


We all knew that Piett's appeal is overwhelming, and what better evidence than the fact that a character named 'Piet' appears in Final Fantasy VIII? An Esthar officer in the Space Station bears the Admiral's name in the game. This homage to our beloved leader is not the only SW reference - a 'Nida' also features (honouring that fine officer, Captain Needa from ESB), and a couple of characters named Dodoona, Wedge and Biggs. Some might may say the Rebel references are more important since they spelled their names the same way as their SW namesakes, but I think it's pretty obvious that those spelling were used so that Rebel fans would understand who they were referring to. We Imperial fans, however, have had our superior intellects recognised in the subtler tribute to these two great Imperial heroes. : )

(Still waiting for word on Piett: The Game, though...)

Courtesy TheForce.Net and Cult Member Emily Young

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