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PiettToo long has the world waited for a fan club devoted to the ultimate Star Wars hero - so here it is! The Cult of Piett started as a little idea to have some fun, and now it's grown into this planet's premier Admiral Piett fanclub - and it's now endorsed by Kenneth Colley himself, making us Semi-Official to boot!

So why should you join the Cult? Well, it's totally free for starters, and with your membership, you'll get:

  • An e-mail saying you're in
  • An exclusive Fan Club Membership number
  • Your name listed on these pages
  • The automatic rank of Ensign, and the chance to gain higher ranks - even the command of your own ship!
  • The opportunity to join the Piett mailing list

Okay, so it's not the most wonderful membership package in the world - hey, you get what you pay for, right? But you can feel good that you're standing up to be counted as a loyal supporter of Piett! And best of all, there's absolutely no responsibility on your part!

How do I join this elite group?    

I hear you ask. Simple - just e-mail Grand Admiral Hayden (, saying you want to join, along with your name (real names only please), and that's it! Easy, huh?

How do I climb the ranks?    

It's just as simple. All you have to do is submit something Piett-related to the Cult - picture, sound, story, whatever - and you'll receive a promotion for each item you submit. You can also earn a promotion by recruiting other people to join the Cult! Just like with submissions, you'll receive a promotion for each person you force, err... convince to join! It's the Imperial way!

How do I subscribe to the Piett mailing list?    

This is a new service open ONLY to Cult of Piett members. You'll be given info on how to join once you join the Cult in the e-mail you get from the Announce-list that you are automatically subscribed to when you become a member of the Cult. Read through it and follow the instructions and you'll have no troubles getting subscribed - if you're still having difficulties (or have lost that e-mail), feel free to e-mail the Grand Admiral for info on how to subscribe. Once you're on, you can join in the discussions of all things Piett, plus you'll get the inside word on big things happening at Piett.Org, and we've been known to have the odd List-exclusive download...

So there you have it! Join the Cult now, and you'll be on your way!

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